There is only “this”, everything as nothing. “The thinker”, or the owner of experiences, is the illusion.. with its projections and (pre-)judgements.

There are just human forms (amongst other ‘things’) moving around together as one. Nothing is separate. It can feel that way, that is the experience of the thinker, or the self. That as well are appearances.

But without that it is not personal anymore and you can just enjoy life. The pressure falls off, because everything is an appearance and already complete. “This” is all possibilities, existing as nothingness. It is all energy moving around together as form. Seemingly real and unreal simultaneously.

It is always changing. Nothing that appears is permanent, can it really exist? Every state we have is temporary, we learn that from spirituality: “this too shall pass”. Even our bodies ‘expire’. (There is no thing that exists, besides no-thing, but that is not a thing.) It is like a dream at night, experienced very real, but just an appearance.

Even science (quantum physics) is pointing this out:

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr

I wrote it before, this is an intuitive message. If you try to understand this intellectually, it can result in confusion for example. For the “me” this message can also be very frustrating, ’cause everything is already complete. Nothing is real (all an appearance) and there’s nothing really to do, although there are still things apparently happening. There is already no one there.

I started with non duality in 2014, where I came across a Dutch speaker. He sends every 2 or 3 days an email with a short quote or message I always resonate(d) with, besides one or two times (in 8 years) it always resonated.

The last couple of years I have been searching more content like this on YouTube. People like Anna Brown, Jim Newman, Tony Parsons. They are radical in their message, not compromising as well. They speak about it as it is. That is what resonates well for me.

Jim Carrey is also a ‘character’ who I resonated with. And still do. I mention him in my previous post as well, and his ‘performance’ on the red carpet on television.

I would recommend all of them if you want to dive deeper. Erik van Zuydam is the Dutch man I was talking about.

Those are all links to their Youtube Channel, where most of them regularly make videos about it. All in their own way, but also very similar.

I started doing #shorts on youtube a while ago. What resonates with me is changing a lot in the last couple of years/months. I am planning to do more #shorts again. If you didn’t see it on my website too, I make Hardstyle and post originals and bootlegs (unofficial remixes) on YouTube as well.

Even if “you” are here reading, there is actually no one ever that has read this words.. What a relieve 😉

Have a good day!


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