Unconditional Completeness

We all live life like: “this cannot be it”. Something has to happen first, before we think it is complete. Or before we think, ‘we’ are complete.

Happening for no one

Even when things are hard, maybe especially then, it is what is happening. There is no need to own the experience. It is just happening for no one. That doesn’t mean ‘you’ have to change anything or it is becoming pleasurable, it is still hard. Often then, we experience it like: this cannot be “it”, this cannot be “home”. It appears to be as it is, hard or difficult (in this example).

When things go smoothly

It is easier to not take it personal when things go smoothly. We feel free and all the projected plans and dreams we have for ourselves are suddenly not urgent anymore, because we feel complete.


There is a distinction in feeling complete and everything already being complete. The first is often a preference and not experienced permanently. When, ‘everything already complete’ or ‘completeness of what is’, is unconditional and appears for no one. It can be difficult or it can go smoothly, you could say it is the same (experienced very differently). You can call it non duality or energy or nothing or void or all there is, to give it a name.

Experience everything?

This (non duality) can’t be experienced, cause it is not a thing. It is everything and nothing simultaneously. How can that ever be experienced? 😉

The illusion

The experiencer is the illusion. And when that apparently falls away, cause it never really existed, it just falls away. It is the same as or ‘equal to’ every other apparent ‘happening’. (But again, the experience can be very different).

Real, and unreal

The experiencer is not real, just an appearance. So, real and unreal at the same time. Just like time. There is apparent time, experienced. But it is not real at the same time.


This is all intuitively ‘knowable’, everyone already knows this. So how do ‘I’ ‘know’ this? The same as ‘you’ already ‘know’ this. Not intellectually but intuitively.

Non duality speakers

If you want to listen to more non duality content, Jim Newman, Anna Brown and Tony Parsons, bring it really well.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them down below. Take care and ‘see you’ next time!

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