The last couple of months I have been watching a lot of non duality content on YouTube and it is hitting me right where it should. When, it doesn’t change anything about (‘your’) life, it changes everything in the way ‘you’ (continuously) see through the illusion of self.

Illusion of self

It is appearing as real, but it is actually all energy or… ‘no-thing’. The ‘me’ is a belief, a mental construct. And slowly I see through this illusion and be with what arises without the ownership of a me that is choosing it or doing it. That last part suggests there is no one choosing and it just happens. That is in the core what the message is, but the complete illusion hasn’t fall away for me. Or not yet completely seen through… as it never existed. There is already no one.

Still a ‘me’ arises

That does occur more often, but there still arises a ‘me’ who apparently chooses stuff during the day. And then that is what is arising. Completeness/nothingness appearing as a belief of a ‘me’. And I keep seeing through that illusion again and again.

No wrong or right

So there still can arise a sense of me and you actually can’t do this wrong. As well as, thinking you should have been further in this process. It can arise that you want to be further and do everything that you can to accomplish that, that is included. And I still have preferences of course, but yeah if we could choose everything, wouldn’t we be happy all the time?


Control. That is something that is hard to let go of. And it can’t be done. Cause there never was anyone who had control. So the illusion falls away, apparently, into nothingness. The void. No self, etc. You maybe notice it when I write about the message and when I write about the more human (me) stuff, what it is doing to your system (maybe explained as mind vs intuition).


Everything can still arise but there is a sense of detachment from it all, it doesn’t happen to anyone. It just happens. The ownership of experiences is where the illusion holds its grip.


There is only ‘this’, referring to everything. And that can be very frustrating for the ‘me’. And that is also what is arising, which is already completeness appearing as frustration. For no one. It can be anything. Just living. Being. Nothing to lose and nothing to gain. Everything already is.

Non-personal experience

It seems like I switch between the ‘me’ and the absence of a ‘me’, which in non-dual terms is exactly the same, nothing is excluded and it isn’t a way of life. Life still remains the same, but less and less with a sense of a personal experience. It is more like an experience, not for anyone.


I myself like to listen to radical non-duality speakers, with almost no, to no, compromise. Just the raw message of this all happens for no one and is already complete. This is all an intuitive message, ’cause how can the me understand that it doesn’t actually exist..? Speakers like: Jim Newman, Anna Brown and Tony Parsons share the message really well in my opinion.

Feel free to leave a comment if you want to say or ask something, leave an emoji if you like and I am curious about your experience with non duality as well..

Have a nice day!


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