No time, just this moment. All there is.

Keeps on changing

My ‘view’, as well as this moment (and probably your view), keeps on changing. A lot of things stay the same as well of course, but, this is how I see things now:

No meaning

The world on its own has no meaning. We give it meaning, mentally. When we leave the labels of our own thoughts, there is just what is happening. We live almost continually in our heads. In that way we create meaning.

It becomes what we think it is

When we identify with these labels, the world will become what we think it is. In stead of a “meaningless” world where everything just is how it is. And it can never not be. This timeless moment is the only thing there is. And is always changing.

Is there such a thing as time?

‘Future’, is that what we play in our heads, and everything takes place right now. The great teachers of our world tell there is no such thing as time, it is just between our ears.

All there is, already complete

For me, it is about connecting as often as possible with this moment. In that way we let go of conditioning that says we have to do or achieve something to be complete. Everything we experience, everything we are is completely perfect. If you want to take it even further: we are this moment, so we are all there is. In other words, Everything (to a previous post).

Free from conditioning

This being perfect is about the ability to be free from conditioning and labels in this moment. Not about labeling something as perfect. Can you see the difference? Because when we approach this with our thoughts, it can result in resistance. No worries if that is the case, there will be a little exercise in a minute.

Heart of the matter

What I am about to say is at the heart of the matter. It is about what we identify ourselves with. Connection with this moment results in letting go of thoughts and labels. Those thoughts often determine what you think you are. An “I”. When we take everything personal, we suffer most. Test it out:

Listening to sound in this moment (little exercise)

When you notice you are “in your head”, worrying for example, use your ears to listen to the sounds that are there in the moment. Come back to them as often as possible, really use your ears. Become aware of the fact that the moment you are completely listening to the sound, you have no worries. Even if it was just for a brief moment.

Step into reality

And that is exactly what we can do more often. In other words, make regular connection with this moment. Reminding ourselves to do so. In this way we realize how it feels to be free from our thoughts about ourselves and we can step into reality.

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