The realization of our Higher Self…

You don’t have to take this from me, everyone is free to believe or be what he or she wants. But question this:

Stars that stopped existing

There are stars in the galaxy that we can see, but they are already gone. The distance to these stars is so big that even the speed of light doesn’t make it possible for us to see them. This indicates our limited perception of reality for us as humans, with our 5 senses. What if all of this around us, doesn’t have to be “real” as well. What if we only see it, because we can see it. And that we are the condition/reason for the existence.

Is it a play?

It all feels very real, and it is real of course, especially when things are tough, but you can also view it as one big ‘play’ on a higher level. A level where we find ourselves, non-dual, without opposites, everything exists simultaneously and is “meaningless”. Not the meaningless in the way our ego will label something, but without judgement. Unconditional.
And this game is here to make us aware of the bigger truth of our existence. Good and bad, they both serve the outcome of this game. The awakening of the human species. “The Great Awakening”, if you like. To ‘hover’ above it all and to be our true Higher Self.

Initiation of Acceleration

We are in an acceleration of this process, that’s why everything can feel so intense and we keep continue this way. We are the ones that initiated this acceleration, on that higher level, and we move towards that: the realization of our Higher Self.

Collective Awakening

Maybe this all sound vague or something like that for you, and I can imagine that. But maybe it doesn’t and it is the most normal thing you’ve ever read. Both ways, I can understand. In 2012 I started reading about these subject with books like: “Spoedcursus Verlichting” (Enlightenment 101), “The earth on its way to the fifth Dimension”, “Conversations with God” and “The Celestine Prophecy”, to name a few. I expected back then what is happening right now, the collective awakening of humanity. The acceleration. Since that time I have developed the ‘skill’ to keep some sort of distance from it all, so it doesn’t flood me mentally. Dream away in the daily things, doing “earth stuff”, sports, people around me, everything for the balance.

The future

But now, imagine that this awakening is continuing, how do you think the future will look? If we all follow the media and follow the pattern of what we have been told for ages, then it doesn’t look good. But that is on the level of the mind.

Inner and outer world

The moment you land into your heart or soul, you will notice that these things will get to you way less, and won’t influence you that much, or sometimes not anymore. It doesn’t have to do anything with the outside world, but everything with our connection to it. What we view as “the world” is actually our own inner world projected to the world “outside us”.

Detach from conditioning

We are the world and we can change it, by changing ourselves and becoming aware of the bigger truth of our identity. In that way we automatically detach ourselves from all conditioning that have been thrown in our faces. You will meet a world where both good and evil (which you don’t label in that way anymore), can co-exist and serve the bigger purpose. Which is, to polarize everything in a more extreme way that the only road to freedom is the realization of the bigger picture. And there we can be free in our Higher Self. It all starts in ourselves.

Influence the collective?

Do you think you can influence the collective? If you change your inner world, you will see the changes in your outer world. That’s how it works.

A way to “do” this

In a previous post, Raising your Vibration, I asked this one question: “What is it that excites you the most right now?”. When you follow that “highest excitement”, you raise your vibration and step into or get closer to your Higher Self. I also made a YouTube #shorts about this post, which reached 2300 views in 4 days, which you can watch over… here.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading! Really appreciate it! Below this post you can leave a reaction, I would love to hear from you, let’s start a conversation about these subjects. I think it is one of the most important things to do right now and if you feel you want to be a part of it (which you already are of course, everyone is) feel free to leave a comment below. I will always read and respond!

Much Love, Ronald

PS. If you want more content from someone else on this subject, I would recommend Kyle Cease, he creates wonderful talks on these subjects and really inspire me a lot. This is one of his newest videos on Youtube: the Great October Awakening.

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