Today is the 10th blog on my website. My 11th Release: Never Apart is coming the first of November (1/11). And the track of my 12th release is also ready! It’s called Belong, and it has a lot more raw elements to it.

Snelle mededeling: Zie menu voor Nederlands!

I make the cover arts for my music myself since His Song. I really like how the one for this release came out as well. Watch and Listen here for the preview:

Never Apart

If you want to pre-save the track: Never Apart automatically in my list.

Different blog, still one question

This blog differs a bit from the rest, not the motivational/inspirational kind. But I do have a question that helps me focus on the things I really want to be in my life:

“If you fast forward into time with the course you are taking now, will you be where you want to be in the future?”

Sounds simple, but can be very helpful

Recap of the period of the last 9 blogposts

The most popular blog from the 10 was: Happiness & Creativity. Go check it out if you haven’t already!

The second one was “Reaching perfection by only focusing on progress?”.
And it continues on the question from before: It is, amongst other things, about how wanting can often stand in the way of experiencing the things you want in your life. Plus, the solution for that. Read along here.


Our Hope
Our Hope

Our Hope has almost reach 8000 streams on Spotify, which makes that track the most streamed this far.

My bootleg of Milk inc. – The land of the living passed the 3k bar of views on YouTube.

Happy Birthday Bootleg reached almost 400 views. Listen to it here.


Since Raising your Vibration I have been making #shorts, which are, yes.. short videos where I tease about the blogpost that I did, and upload them to YouTube. The one for Raising your Vibration was the best of them, with 2.3k views in 4 days. Take a look at it over here.

I hope you liked this blog and the ones before! And of course my new track!

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