Whatever we do, who we are never changes. What we are is this pure consciousness we can experience in this moment. What we do and who we think we are (ego) is just what is on the surface.

Same for everyone

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, this is the same for everyone, ’cause we are everyone on this level. We are all connected on a deeper plane of existence. We are all routed towards what our life needs to be, in an ongoing battle between free will and destiny.

So, it doesn’t really matter what you do, who we are never changes. And life directs you to where you need to be in the most surprising ways. Just live life. Trust that you will be where you need to be which exceeds what you egoicly want or expect from life.


Life has a funny way of humbling us in realizing that it doesn’t really matter what you create for your self or the self you create, it is not you. This is a hard lesson is what I find, cause we are so conditioned in believing in our own creation that it scares the crap out of us realizing we were wrong all along.

Connection to Source

Connect as often as you can to your true identity, source, universe, god, higher self, you name it. Because that is where the magic happens and where source can really get more and more involved in your life. Don’t try too much to understand this egoicly, cause it results in headache, from experience. The realization of this occurs more frequently once we practice it. Realizing also that at one point ego takes over again and everything gets another go…

Try not to identify

We are all trying to create ourselves, and that feels great at times, and we should keep doing that, but try not to identify with it all. It is necessary to realize what we are not but not essential to be what we are. First and most important is connection to source. Knowing who we truly are. Everything else still being important. It is just a semantic jump we can make. Into clarity.

Distracted, but redirected

I get distracted way more than is good for me, but I always come back to what is really me. It’s crazy, ’cause words can’t really describe it and it is not understandable with the mind. But you get it when you experience it for yourself. This post relates to my previous post: Trying to be someone we already are. You can read more there!

Thank you + recommendation

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you got something out of it! Leave an emoji or comment if you agree with “who we are never changes”… If you want to keep on subject: Jim Carrey – What it all Means. It’s a 5 minute video talking about this change of identification. Really helps you to experience it.

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