We are trying to be someone we already are.

Before reading, take what speaks to you and leave what doesn’t. It is still my own process which may be useful for someone else and maybe not 🙂

Never truly satisfied

We are always trying our best to define ourselves by, for example, money, cars, or even the huge dream we are chasing (that’s me). Even when we have everything we think or dream we want, in this way, we can never be truly satisfied.

True Happiness

True happiness lies in knowing what we really are. And that’s everything. We are creation. We are life. We are everything that comes when we silent the mind and stop listening to the thoughts that make us small.
Even the thoughts that make us big can stand in the way of our true identity. It is hard to explain what it is we truly are, but there is nothing we can add to ourselves that is going to make us bigger than what we are. Because we are everything. Not the I we think we are, but everything, which unfolds the moment we realize that we are not the mind, nor the body.

Realize what we are

Everything in life is designed to make us realize what we really are, is something I believe. For me, when I feel most off, I know clarity is often near. Not that I always have that non-fading faith, like it is easy or something… But, when we identify with our small personality mind, we tend to drift off in lower vibrations. You could say those vibrations are useful to realize that you are not those vibrations and they make the decision easier to detach from them. Again and again, more frequent and longer.

What does persona mean?

Persona means mask. We are wearing masks (not the mouth ones) as who we think we are. And try to add things to ourselves to really define ourselves. So others can also know what we are. But we are even bigger than anything we can ever imagine that we can add to ourselves. Another way of looking at it is our own self image, we often think that is who we are. But, it is just an image, which can never contain the truth of all that we are.

We are trying to be someone that we already are. We are reaching in the hope to find salvation, when the reaching is what is in the way of finding it.

More important than ever

Real happiness comes from being detached from the world, yet still engaged. In knowing what we truly are.
But that doesn’t mean the things we can add to ourselves are unimportant or not worthy to go after. The foundation of our identity is what makes it more real. And we can see the ‘additions’ differently, as energy that raise or lower our vibration. And we know we don’t need anything else outside of ourselves to make us happy and complete. We already are, when realized.

Maybe, or maybe not maybe… this subject is something a bit controversial, but I think it is an important one to think about and to realize. A video on this subject that I really enjoyed watching is this 5 minute talk of Jim Carrey – What it all Means. For if you want to hear more about this.

Enough talking! Music!

3 unreleased tracks in this preview! Our Hope is already out: go here to listen to the full track!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite track is!


The 11th of September I would have had a gig on a party-boat in Rotterdam. That one has been rescheduled to next year because of, you can probably tell. There is another gig in November which is not yet moved or anything, so that would be awesome to play also my new tracks for a real live audience. More on that later!

Last but not least: #Shorts (YouTube)

I am doing videos on YouTube called #shorts. You can see my first one here: Raising your Vibration. It’s doing really well, more than 1,7k in 2 days. The video is based on my previous post. I am testing out how they will be best for this format of #shorts. It’s fun to make and also quick, for promoting my website and connecting with other people.

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