I believe a big part of being able to be creative is knowing how to manage yourself. Knowing how to keep raising your vibration.

Raise your Vibration

I think my main goal with the content that I create (blogs, videos, music) is raising your vibration. Making someone feel better than before the content, to translate that. It is all about your vibration. How you will see the world is a result of how high your vibration is. We have 1 physical world, but billions of projections of it. We can raise our frequency and look at the world a whole lot different, because of that. Other thoughts, other feelings, other ways of being, other choices.

Stay motivated and inspired

When you know what you need in certain situations, you can stay motivated and inspired to continue your journey of what you want to create or realize.

Most exciting

What is it that gives you the most excitement? What are the things you deeply want? This is what I make my priority, cause it is giving me a higher perspective on what is possible. And it gives me most joy in doing so. It can be something very small, doesn’t have to be huge. For me one thing this week that made me excited was to place the form for the newsletter under every post. So, when people are interested in joining for updates, they can do so immediately. You know now what to do if that is you 😉
Another was starting with YouTube #shorts. More on that later.

I think the reason why this excites me is because it is another development in the path that I want to walk. No matter how small or big it is. It raises my vibration.

Are you living by what excites you the most?

I once heard this line of Prince Ea, he said: a lot of people die at 25 and are buried at 75. See here his speech about that. Kind of an heavy thing to say, but I think there is truth in there. Doing what you really want should be a priority for everyone, as I wrote in the lyrics for my track Dream Inside (spotify link). My first release on Spotify in 2019. That was where it all started, acting in the direction that I felt was the right one for me.


I think it is always a good thing to keep the balance, being grateful for what you have. And also keep having the motivation to go after your dreams, your goals, or whatever it is that you want. I find myself often taking the time to look what is best in a certain situation. Always chasing isn’t the answer for me, but always resting (which is not an option of course) isn’t either.

And remember the most important part is raising your vibration.

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