Enough is Enough

Where are you?

Where you are now is enough. And… enough is enough.

Maybe it is just me… these last weeks I wanted to be somewhere else (further down the road). Something in me wants to become someone, is what I discovered. Nothing wrong with developing ourselves, but it can stand in our way to enjoy what is here already. And, when in fact, we are already someone.

The ‘rules’ of our society tell us that we are nothing until we achieve the impossible. We are therefor always trying to be someone we don’t need to be, because we are already everything (we need to be).
Staying with the true authenticity of our own self. That is what comes out when we focus on having fun.

I didn’t have as much fun as I could have lately. I focused on every little detail and a desirable future. In stead of enjoying what was already here, what I already knew, did and was.

It is not about the one or the other of course. Balance is key. But this pattern can be a problem if you want to be in a creative state, where things flow.

The Focus on what I can do and did already

Now, I focus on the path that I have traveled in stead of the path that lies before me, in terms of fulfillment. That’s quite funny actually, knowing that looking forward helps most of the time, but not in all cases. Not in the case of being here.

Right Now

I figured this is about becoming completely OK with where you are right now (with your music or something else). Cause that is the quickest way to find what you were looking for. It’s one of the paradoxes of life. Enough is enough… and accepting where you are now doesn’t always mean preferring that. Be with it for a while and notice how things change for the better.

A great teacher

For me it is a great teacher in staying grounded and pay attention to how far I’ve come already, not only with music, in life as well. Otherwise I completely forget all the effort I put in and the challenges I had to face and overcome to be where I am now.

How “we” measure success

There is something very toxic about the belief of how society measures what success is. I think a lot of people have a fixed belief that success equals being able to do something amazingly well and earn a lot of money with it and being crazy famous etc. When you achieve this.. Awesome! But in the end of the day, those people are still people and still get struggles and challenges from life. So I think nothing is fixed. And I also think there is not a second life for us that hasn’t began yet, as i wrote in this post. Even though maybe it can feel like that sometimes.

Enough to live can be success

It sneaks back in my belief system once in a while and then I become aware again and choose success to be something very different. Being here right now, with enough water, food, money, energy, love, friends, family is success. Even if not all of that is present in your situation right now, focus on what is there.

I think success is different for everyone. When I translate it to my music, I try not to link my view of how successful I am to my music. It is about who I become, what next level I go into when I reach other levels in my musical development. As I heard someone once say: “I am the butt, not the poo”. Not the best comparison to my music of course haha, maybe for some it is… I don’t know. Butt the point is clear I think.

Count your blessings

Having enough to survive and feel well is not something to take for granted. Live life like there is nothing to go to, that we are already here. Life is everything what we truly need. Enjoy everything that is already in your life. Count your blessings, be grateful.

Your “trying” will vanish

By really being grateful you see and feel your trying vanish into being totally OK with what is here. You even don’t need what you were looking for, cause the feeling was the real goal. It is always found right here. In a way you could say there is no such thing as the future, just in our heads. There will be a now in the future, but the future in our heads doesn’t really exist.

Conditional vs. Unconditional

I don’t want to put all my energy into becoming somebody, or reaching for something. With the thought of “first I gotta get this, then I can be complete/happy/full/peaceful etc.”. The feeling comes first (of completion for example) then the creation. Not just want something to get here in order to feel OK.
I feel very deeply that I am already somebody, I am already successful. As are you. As is everyone by just being here on this planet. That’s my starting-point. We are enough. It’s enough.

As real as I can

I want to keep it as real as I can, cause that is the only way that we can feel connected with each other.
And in that way, every little success will be noticed and celebrated.

We don’t abandon dreams

This doesn’t mean we can abandon our dreams of course. I do have a long-term vision of where I want to be. I wrote about that in this post. In that post I redefined “wanting perfection” into “believing you can achieve it”. “It” being: what you really, unrealistically (for the mind), want to realize in your life.

For me, the view of this post is a way to enjoy the road (towards were I want to be), as we all have heard at least once in our lives (It’s about the road, not the destination..).
The rest will come. Worst case scenario: we do what we love to do and have fun in doing that.

When I live by this post, I enjoy where I am with my music way more, than always trying to climb that crazy huge ladder. It will be a Sine wave that will decrease in amplitude over time and find balance.


And not least, we are GREATful for what is already here. For the things that we may took for granted, but are actually the things that make us feel how we wanted to feel with trying to be somewhere else.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading ’till the end, always appreciated. Leave an emoji of your choice and let me know if you got something from this post, even if it was just one sentence. “See” you!


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