Stopped using Social Media

As you maybe already read in my first blog here, I stopped using social media, mostly because of two things, happiness and creativity. I deleted my accounts of Facebook and Instagram. That gave me a whole lot of space and time, in which I made 4 new tracks in 10 weeks. Way more focus. But it also left kind of a space where I missed the interaction that you have on social media, so this routine of posting a blog every week is my way to fill that space. Feel free to leave a comment, I will always read them and react to them. Or an emoji at the bottom of this post. (The comments show after they are being approved… spam prevention 🙂 )
My goal is to share insights that leave at least something to think about, and that hopefully gives you something as it does and did for me.

Making Music

Making music is not just about making music. Idea generation for example is a thing you can become better at. So, being more creative as you practice getting ideas out, will result in ideas becoming better and better.

Wanting happiness and creativity

Another thing that came up for me during this writing is being with what you feel at the moment. By that, I mean not constantly trying to be happy or wanting only the “positive” sides, when you know you are not feeling like that. With this approach it is way more likely to actually be happy and that helps in the creative process (and life for that matter). Your music reflects your emotions and you can’t lie in music. Pure raw emotions are the foundation of good music in my opinion, both + and -.
Wanting to be happy can stand in the way of actually being that. Trying to feel something that is not there stalls the creativity leading to music flowing out on my computer-screen.

Quite a practice

When you are ok with everything that comes up, which is quite of a practice, you feel way more connected in stead of “trying to get there” (which isn’t a bad thing btw), but you are more likely to be inspired.

We rather skip the parts that doesn’t feel good, but the only way is to get through it and come to a place that we wanted to go to in the first place.

Keeping the flow going

Everything can be inspiration and all this helps me to stay on track and it gives me more space to be creative. Being aware of less happy periods/moments can lead to attaining new information for solving problems and creating solutions. The issues that are seemingly not solvable suddenly get solved, keeping the flow going.


Let me know if you like this somewhat more “lifey” blog. It all has a connection with each other, you are the one that is creative, doesn’t matter in what form, so you are the most important factor in the equation.

You & I

I am going to share a preview with my email subscribers of one of my new tracks “You & I”. You can join that email list at the bottom of the homepage! Also, on the homepage you will see my newest release “His Song” with all the links to listen to the track. I will share more inside information in the emails and keep you updated, see you there 😉

Share your view on happiness and creativity

In this article you can read that creative people seem to be even happier. A very interesting read when you want to stay on this topic.

If something comes up for you after reading this post, feel free to share 🙂

Gonna post a blog every week.

Fridays are going to be the days that I will post my weekly blog.
The blogs will contain everything that has to do with my musical process, so things I’ve learned that I can apply now or what I am excited about, to name a few. And sometimes a bit further than my music when I feel like it.

Thank you if you read till this point, I hope you enjoyed it! See you next week.


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