In this post I will be talking about a discovery I had, that had more to do with everything besides my music. But you can still say it is inspired by music.

(Spoiler alert: if you want to watch the movie Soul (it’s an animation) you probably don’t want to read this)

One or two?

There is a saying from confucius, that goes like this: you have two lifes, and the second one begins when you realize you have just one.

For the last few years I have been chasing a dream, to become a successful hardstyle producer. Chasing success can trick us into believing that only when we have it we start living…

I always thought I had two lives and that it hadn’t yet began for me. But for me, I realized the saying of the beginning is true. We only have 1 life. And this change of view intensified for me with the movie Soul.

The movie Soul

It’s about a man, a music teacher, who wants to make his breakthrough as a jazz pianist. I am not going to say everything, but he achieves that dream in the movie, where he plays his dream show and absolutely kills it.
On the way out, after the show, he asks the singer: “what do we do now?”. “Again tomorrow”, she replies. And he tells himself that he doesn’t feel any different. You would think he got inspired by his music and his accomplishment…
At some point in the movie, he is linked as a mentor to an old soul that has never come to earth, but he managed to get her here. And she actually enjoys every ‘little thing’. The things he describes as: “Just life”.
She teaches him how to live again. Not always focused on his dreams.

Big lesson there, for me personally as well.

The “little things”

It sounds a bit silly but I do enjoy eating my food for example way more than I used to. Being grateful for what is already here and seeing that is what makes life most enjoyable.

Still making music ofcourse, but not at all cost.
And most importantly, keeping space for life of course 😉

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Btw: I still recommend the movie “Soul”, even after reading this. Here you can find the trailer to the movie: Soul Movie Trailer

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