What I learned from leaving Social Media (music wise)

A couple of months ago I decided to stop using social media, even my artist page. No promotion there. It requires a lot of time to make content for social media, and often I wasn’t happy with the result, but you (almost) have to do it to grow followers etc, so I kept doing it for a while. The result was that I had very little time left for actually making music and didn’t release for a while. I also noticed that I was judging my own music way more, and I think that was partly because of the comparison with others or the belief of how things ‘should be’.
The real reason or the first reason I left social media was because of wanting to leave Facebook. But then I realized it got me something as good or even better: I got way more time to really focus on music and I started releasing again. I even do my own cover arts now, so it saves me money as well. DJ gigs are coming in more and now I am starting my own website (had an education in webdevelopment) where blogs are my way to show what I am doing and where to find my music and hopefully I will be giving some value to you as a reader. I also figured that social media is not my thing to promote my music, even tho it can be very helpful for many others.
At first, it may be not as effective as social media, but I found doing the things that give energy and joy (like this website and my music) are most sustainable and things work out for the better is my experience.
What started as a privacy choice, became a blessing for my creativity.

New Release:

18th of July, His Song. Go to the homepage https://klaustrophobicz.nl for links to the music.

And more music is nearly finished, like “You and I”. And other tracks, which a preview will be shared in the near future with those who are on my email list. It will be a private link, so just for the insiders ;). On the homepage you also find a form to subscribe yourself to my list.

Welcome to my website, thanks for taking the time and awesome if you stick around!

Conclusion: Glad I found my way back releasing and finishing music !

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