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August 5th 2022

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  • Everything is an appearance
    There is only “this”, everything as nothing. “The thinker”, or the owner of experiences, is the illusion.. with its projections and (pre-)judgements. There are just…
  • Nonduality is not a teaching
    Not a Teaching Nonduality is not a teaching. On a personal level, as the dreamer, the experienced self… there can be huge improvements when it…
  • “This cannot be it”
    Unconditional Completeness We all live life like: “this cannot be it”. Something has to happen first, before we think it is complete. Or before we…
  • The ‘me’ still arises
    Non-duality The last couple of months I have been watching a lot of non duality content on YouTube and it is hitting me right where…
  • All there is
    No time, just this moment. All there is. Keeps on changing My ‘view’, as well as this moment (and probably your view), keeps on changing.…

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Let me introduce myself

Hardstyle music and inspirationa
C’est moi

I got in touch with the harder styles in a very early stage of my life. I have an older brother and an older sister who also grew up in the 90s. Hardcore, in that time, became very familiar to my ears. And luckily my brain had fun with it as well.

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From when I was around 14, I was hooked to these new sounds in the scene, beginning with the Jumpstyle hype. Hardstyle then, evolved into a great, melodic style: euphoric Hardstyle. This was around 2006/2007. Now, 14+ years later, my love for this music even got stronger, but most importantly: it helped me (and many others) through tough times. It gives hope, strength and direction to follow dreams, even in the darkest days. This is what I love about (this) music and what I want to bring with my own. Hoping to have an positive impact on others and stay connected to myself. I will build everyday for that Dream Inside (which is my first release).

Let me guide you through the rest of the website

Hardstyle music and inspiration

My website has two main purposes. In short: My own Hardstyle music and Inspiration – video + blog. I share my latest music on the release page, and what inspires me right now in my blogs and YouTube #shorts videos.

Firstly, I write blogs where I share what inspires me, which is mostly what I learned in my own process.

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For instance, topics like Happiness and Creativity, How to Raise your Vibration and Neuroplasticity are coming to the surface. But also questions like: “Are we all waiting or did our lives yet began?”. My goal is to share what inspires me with the posts I write and the videos I make. And hopefully leave something that you can take in your own process ( whether that’s music or not 😉 ).

My first blogpost is about leaving Social Media, why I did that and what I got from it:

Here you can choose the blogpost that speaks to you the most!

Uplifting Hardstyle Music

Not least of all, an important part of this website is my music. I started self-releasing in 2019, it gives a whole other dimension to the music process. Really finishing and get it out into the world.

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Take a further look if you are into uplifting music, Hardstyle is what I produce. And you can listen to all the tracks that I released on the Releases page and probably in the Spotify Player above. Previews of new and unreleased music will be shared as well, also in the blogs and in the emails.


Besides of Hardstyle music and inspiration blogs, I make YouTube #shorts. Videos about 15 seconds long where I try to summarize my latest blogpost. This #short reached more than 2300 views in 4 days.

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And I sometimes make videos about topics on creativity in the studio. For example, I made a video on “How to listen to your unfinished music” for Producers and Musicians. So, if you want to take a look: videos!

Stay up to date:


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Know directly when new Hardstyle Music and/or a Inspiration Blog is posted and get a heads-up for other updates. For example, updates on unreleased previews, cover arts before anyone else and new videos

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